computer girl garyNowadays, internet is something that many people cannot imagine living without. It is the core o modern technology, which is developing day after day. Internet, like many other things has its advantages and disadvantages.

Internet is very useful when searching for some information for essays, homework… It is so much faster, because you do not need a lot of time to find the data you need like you do in books (where you have to go through hundreds of pages to get what you are looking for, which takes so much time).

Internet enables you to keep in touch with your friends that live in other countries. It is probably the most reliable way for increasing awareness of social problems and climate changes among young people, because they spend hours and hours online.

It offers you access to any kind of music at any time.

On the other hand, spending too much time on internet isn’t healthy at all. It can damage your eyes. It can also be dangerous. Many children don’t realize that putting information about you on the internet or chatting with strangers can cause bad cosequences. You can also become an internet addict and not be able to live without it.

To conclude, use the internet wisely!!!

by Tjaša Škorjanc